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Sloan Security Group News
Sloan Security Group Awarded Prison Security Project
Saturday, December 06, 2014

Sloan Security Group has been awarded the contract for the installation and integration of new perimeter security solutions for the Fremont Correctional Facility in Canon City Colorado. Sloan will be utilizing Gallagher Security's non-lethal electrified fencing and other high quality solutions on this project.  Fremont Correctional Facility is one of six facilities that make up the Colorado Dept. of Corrections' East Canon Complex. FCF is a mixed custody, Level III facility and has an operational housing capacity of 1,620 offenders.

Sloan Security Group Awarded Creech Air Force Base Project

July 25, 2014  Sloan Security Group is pleased to announce the award of another high-security project at Creech Air Force base. Sloan will be working with Cobblestone Construction to provide and install a wide range of perimeter security solutions at this critical facility. Creech Air Force Base is a command and control facility focused on operating remotely piloted aircraft systems (drones) which fly missions across the globe.  

SSG selected for US Embassy Security Project

June 20, 2014  --  We are very pleased to announce that Sloan Security Group has been selected to provide security access control equipment for US Embassy Den Hague.

W.M. Jordan Recognized SSG for Leadership and Excellence in Safety at Camp Lejeune
Monday, September 22, 2014

April 11, 2014 --  W.M. Jordan has recognized PM Craig Jasmer and team for excellence and leadership in safety in awarding Sloan the March Camp Lejeune Subcontractor Safety Award.  Sloan Safety Coordinator Angela Pable stressed that safety continues to be a Sloan priority, no matter site conditions.         

SSG Deploys Access Control Bollards for World-Class Golf Course
Friday, May 23, 2014

May 23, 2014  --  Sloan Security Group is proud to be deploying automated access control bollards for the City of Couer d'Alene and the Couer d'Alene Resort.  Sloan is deploying and commissioning three bollard systems on a fast track schedule.  The Couer d'Lene Resort is an award winning resort with a five star Golf Digest golf course.  The golf course features a world reknown floating green.  SSG is using Blockaides' pneumatically operated bollards.        

Saving Lives! Sloan Innovates with Radar


March 31, 2014  -  Due to the location and sensitive nature of many of our projects, we don't seek publicity or often get featured in newspapers.  We are, however, very pleased to have the Spokesman Review publish an article featuring Sloan Security Technologies and our wonderful partners - the Nature Conservancy, ITD and the Kootenai Tribe.  In thi

US Border Patrol selects Sloan for El Paso Sector AirBoat Entrance Gate

03/04/2014  --  Sloan is pleased to announce that we have been selected to design/build a special entrance gate and access control point for the US Border Patrol Rio Grande River air boat patrol.  

Sloan set to kick off Los Alamos National Laboratory security equipment maintenance contract

2/27/2014  --  Sloan is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the Los Alamos National Laboratories' security equipment maintenance contract.  This contract is based on previous performance on site since 2010.  Sloan Technical Services will be providing regular maintenance, as well as emergency response for corrective repairs.  

Sloan Security Group recognized for performance excellence in San Diego
Thursday, February 27, 2014

10/01/2013  Sloan Security Group was recognized by Hensel Phelps' Project Engineer Justin Strateman.  He said that "Sloan Security Group provided a key role in the success of the project.  Their knowledge and customer service is second to none."  The overall rating of SSG on the complex project was "excellent." 

Sloan Awarded New Project

5/24/2013  --  Sloan Security Group has been awarded the contract for the provision and installation of a new intrusion detection system at the Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino. This medium security facility will receive a new, completely, integrated perimeter intrusion system including multiple cameras, taut wire fence detection system, and other associated sensors.

Sloan Team Providing Security Infrastructure for new San Diego Federal Courthouse

12/01/2012  --  Sloan Security Group has been selected by Hensel Phelps Construction Company to provide the high security protective solutions for the 18-story, $300 Million San Diego Federal Courthouse.  Sloan Metal Solutions is delivering the architectural grade stainless steel caps for the crash-rated bollards on site.

GSA Hawaii Project Finished

02/14/2012 - Sloan Security Group's GSA Hawaii project team has completed securing the new GSA Hawaii office building at Kapolei, HI for ArcherWestern/Charles Pankow Builders. Rich Phillips was the superintendent on site where Sloan installed a variety of automated crash barriers and crash-rated fencing. Equipment utilized included Ameristar, Nasatka, and HySecurity security solutions.  

SSG Los Alamos Team Recognized for Safety Excellence

02/19/2012  --  Los Alamos National Laboratory recognized Sloan at its site-wide safety meeting for their "complete attention to safety in their work activities."  This recognition is the direct result of the entire team's commitment to safety. Sloan Security Group is working as a subcontractor providing perimeter security equipment installation for JB Henderson on the West Vehicle Access Point Project. The West Vehicle Access Point Project is part of the Nuclear Materials Safeguards and Security Upgrade Project Phase II at Los Alamos National Laboratory.